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Global Number of People Working in ASM

Delve calculates the global number of people working in ASM by taking the sum of best available country-level employment data for countries with published ASM data. Data comes from a variety of sources including academic publications, global reports, program reports, and online portals. Employment estimates per country have been selected after review of the existing literature with respect to each country and utilize the most recent reliable employment data provided. Reliable employment data is defined by use of a transparent and standard methodology as well as reasonability compared to other historical data. In most cases employment estimates are inclusive of people working in all ASM mineral contexts in a country, but some in some cases estimates only account for people working in a select mineral sector (e.g. gold) as no inclusive data is available. Sources of employment estimates per country can be reviewed using the global employment map which states employment data with citation of resource publication year and name with a link to the resource listing in the Delve Resource Library.

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