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2022 COVID-ASM Global Survey Dashboards

The World Bank conducted global data collection survey to assess how the needs of ASM miners and communities have or have not changed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The global survey expanded upon the rapid response assessment performed in 2020 by engaging with 32 partner organizations collecting data in 30 countries from August to October 2022.

The results of the data collection are shared below in dashboards intended to provide updated snapshots into the dynamics and needs of ASM communities as we consider the pandemic’s evolution, prepare for future shocks, and inform policies and interventions needed to support the sector’s contribution to global development.

Please note that the results of the survey provide data snapshots and are not considered statistically representative of national or global environments. Sample size is noted throughout the visuals. Data is intended to highlight potential dynamics for further research and validation in the absence of more robust data on the sector.

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COVID-19 Health & Safety

COVID-19 Vaccination

Gender Participation

Food Security

Service Delivery and Government Engagement

Mineral Supply Chains

Human Security

Economic Impact

Future Priorities & Recovery