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Very limited scholarship has focused on ASM in Myanmar, while it is expected that, after China and India, Myanmar hosts one of the largest ASM populations in Asia, estimated at 521,000 people. The country is the largest producer of jade (90% of the world supply) and rubies (85% of the world supply) and the third largest producer of tin since 2014. These deposits, as well as gold, are primarily being mined by the ASM sector, although exploration activities have been growing dramatically in the past decade.


Number of People
Working in ASM

Artisanal female gold panner in Sagaing Region, Myanmar concentrating alluvial gold sand concentrates outside her home
The State of Artisanal Mining in Myanmar, Pact 2019

The data presented in this Version 1 of the Delve platform are from secondary sources and reflect data availability on the ASM sector. All data, countries and minerals are not yet represented. Data will be added on an ongoing basis as the global data gap on ASM continues to be filled. Visualizations created with under a Creative Commons (CC) Attribution-NonCommercial license.

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