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Diamonds for Peace Webinar Series 2020

An artisanal diamond digger in Liberia
(c) Diamonds for Peace
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Diamonds for Peace Webinar Series 2020

Diamonds for Peace (DFP) will hold a series of four webinars to grow awareness about the issues surrounding diamonds and potential solutions. Sign-up to join the webinars and learn more at Diamonds for Peace webinar page

Webinar #4: Emerging Technology for Transparent Supply Chains

The lack of traceability in diamond supply chains is a huge issue because knowing the origin and the path is the first step to know if diamonds are mined, cut, and processed with humanitarian and environmental considerations.

Blockchain and other emerging technologies began to be used to help supply chains be traceable and accountable.

Carrie George, Vice President, Head of Sustainability Solutions for Everledger, will talk about how the blockchain technology is used in diamond supply chains, and its efforts in the artisanal and small scale mining (ASM) sector.

Date: Friday, November 13th 2020
Time: 8:00PST/10:00CST/11:00EST/16:00GMT/17:00CET/18:00CAT for one hour
Admission: Free
Language: English
Registration: Please register yourself at the eventbrite page (click here)
Webinar media: zoom (DFP will send an automated email with the zoom URL upon registration)
Inquiry: Please email to: info[at]

About the Speakers: Carrie George

Carrie George is Vice President, Head of Sustainability Solutions for Everledger. Everledger provides emerging technologies for a variety of sustainability and circular economy, social impact and business needs across various supply chains.

Carrie George has been recognized as one of the top 100 most influential leaders in sustainability and ethical sourcing for 5 years and awarded a Distinguished Fellow for her work in global supply chains. Carrie has worked with corporations, governments and non-profit organizations, including leading Apple’s first Responsible Sourcing and Conflict Minerals programs, including all battery material tracking from mine to end of life recycling. In her work across the jewelry, electronics, and apparel industry, she has spanned over 40 commodity chains including extensive work with artisanal and small scale mining (ASM) in diamonds, gemstones, gold, tin, tantalum and cobalt programs and sourcing engagements.

Her recent work on ASM has focused on enabling smoother and more effective market entry via mobile money infrastructure, increased pricing transparency for ASM, and partnerships to improve conservation and legal improvements in the ASM supply chains.

Webinar #3: Voices from Kimberly Process Civil Society Coalition

Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) was established to prevent rough diamonds financing conflicts from being circulated in legitimate markets. Has it been functioning as it is supposed to? What are the challenges KPCS is facing?

The members of Kimberley Process Civil Society Coalition (KPCSC) will address the human rights issues especially in Africa, the issues KPCS is facing, and proposed solutions.

Date: Wednesday, October 28th 2020
Time: About one hour starting at 8:00PDT/10:00CDT/11:00EDT/15:00GMT/16:00CET/17:00CAT
Admission: Free
Language: English
Registration: Please register yourself at the below URL

About the Speakers: Shamiso Mtisi, Hans Merket

Shamiso Mtisi, Global Coordinator, Kimberley Process Civil Society Coalition (KPCSC), Deputy Director, Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association (ZELA)

Shamiso is responsible for programme design, fundraising and functions as head of operations at ZELA.
As a global coordinator of KPCSC, Shamiso monitors trade of conflict diamonds around the world.

With over 18 years of experience working in the extractive sector, mining, agriculture and natural resources sector, he has extensive research and advocacy experiences on responsible sourcing, human rights, diamond mining, extractive industries, water resources management, intellectual property rights and farmer’s rights. He has also published several research papers on the role of parliament in playing an oversight role in the mining sector, including training for parliamentarians in Zimbabwe and Malawi.

He holds a Masters in Law (LLM) in Constitutional and Human Rights Law from Midlands State University. He also holds Bachelor of Laws Honours (LLBS) Degree from the University of Zimbabwe and a Certificate in Environmental Law from the IUCN Graduate Environmental Law Programme. Shamiso is registered with the High Court of Zimbabwe as a legal practitioner, notary public and conveyancer.

Hans Merket, Researcher, International Peace Information Service (IPIS)

Hans joined the International Peace Information Service (IPIS) as researcher in 2016. IPIS, based in Antwerp, is the only non-African member of the Kimberley Process Civil Society Coalition (KP CSC). As the civil society watchdog to the Kimberley Process, the KP CSC pushes for responsible diamond governance. IPIS supports the Coalition as a research institute with its analyses and expertise on issues of natural resources, conflict mapping and business & human rights.

Hans coordinates IPIS’ work within the KP CSC and IPIS’ broader research program on (ir)responsible diamond mining and trade. With IPIS, Hans studied and mapped artisanal and small-scale mining in countries like DR Congo, Tanzania and the Central African Republic, as well as the impact of large-scale mining on adjacent communities. He was part of the KP CSC core team following the last three-year reform cycle of the Kimberley Process (2017-2019), where participating states again failed to reach consensus on broadening the scope of the KP certification scheme. Hans has a PhD in law from Ghent University in Belgium.

Webinar #2: Voices from Botswana Diamond Mines

Botswana is considered as a success case of economic development using diamonds and other minerals in Africa. Is it true? Is the profit from mining redistributed to workers? The executive secretary of Botswana Mining and Allied Workers Union (BMWU), which has 23 branches with 7,000 members, will talk about the reality and challenges the diamond miners are facing in Botswana.

Date: 17th October 2020 (Sat)
Time: About one hour starting at 8:00PDT/10:00CDT/11:00EDT/16:00BST/17:00CEST
Admission: Free
Language: English
Registration: Please register yourself at the below eventbrite webpage.
Webinar media: zoom (DFP will send an automatic email to participants with zoom URL)
Inquiry: Please email to: info[at]

About the Speaker: Kitso Phiri

Kitso Phiri is a business and human rights lawyer with over 8 years of experience working with civil society organizations. His area of work mostly focuses on decent work, migration, health rights, and corporate accountability. Currently he serves as the Executive Secretary of Botswana Mining and Allied Workers Union (BMWU), leading the strategic implementation of the vision of the organization, through the operationalization of the decent work country program.

Webinar #1: Issues surrounding Diamonds and DFP’s Proposed Solutions

Have you ever considered where beautiful, sparkling diamonds come from and and what type of work is involved to mine them?
Diamonds are used not only in engagement rings and other jewelry but also in electronic devices and cutting tools.

The founder of Diamonds for Peace (DFP), Chie Murakami, will present on the issues surrounding diamonds such as human rights abuses and environmental destruction. She will also outline Diamonds for Peace proposed solutions and critical activities that have been implemented thus far.

Date: 3rd October 2020 (Sat)
: About one hour starting at 8:00PDT/10:00CDT/11:00EDT/16:00BST/17:00CEST
Admission: Free
: English
: Please register yourself at the EventBrite website:
Webinar media
: zoom (DFP will email the zoom URL to participants a few days before the webinar)
: Please email to: [email protected]

About the Speaker: Chie Murakami, the founder, Diamonds for Peace

After getting her master’s degree in International Development Studies, Chie started her career in Haiti as a local consultant, and then worked for the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Laos Office. She also worked in the private sector in Japan for 7 years followed by working as an expert on a JICA project in Kenya for 2 years.

When she got engag

ed and received her engagement ring, Chie became interested in diamonds and searched for information about diamonds. She was shocked to learn that the diamond mining industry is full of corruption and human rights abuses. Chie decided she wanted to make a difference so using her background in international development she founded Diamonds for Peace in 2015 shortly after visiting Liberia where she witnessed first and the reality for people living and working in artisanal diamond mining communities.

DFP Webinar Series 2020

#1: Issues surrounding Diamonds and DFP’s Proposed Solutions
3rd October 2020 (Sat) 8:00PDT/10:00CDT/11:00EDT/16:00BST/17:00CEST
Registration: Click here

#2: Voices from Botswana Diamond Mines
17th October 2020 (Sat) 8:00PDT/10:00CDT/11:00EDT/16:00BST/17:00CEST

#3: Voices from Kimberley Process Civil Society Coalition
28th October 2020 (Wed) 8:00PDT/10:00CDT/11:00EDT/16:00BST/17:00CEST

#4: 28th October 2020 (Wed) 8:00PDT/10:00CDT/11:00EDT/16:00BST/17:00CEST
RegEmerging Technology for Transparent Supply Chains

This webinar series is supported by Panasonic NPO Support Fund for Africa.

Cross-posted to Delve by request of Diamonds for Peace organizer.


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