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Olivia is an experienced Project Manager and Researcher, having coordinated some of Levin Sources’ largest projects consisting of multi-national, multi-disciplinary teams for both public and private sector clients. Her mineral experience spans numerous key value chains, from precious materials such as gold, diamonds and coloured gemstones to industrial and construction or “Development Minerals” across Africa. A skilled researcher, she has conducted gender-aware, rights-based desk-based and field research in numerous contexts. She is well-versed with research design, methodology development, qualitative and quantitative data collection methods, mobile data collection and questionnaire coding, data analysis and reporting. She has contributed to the minerals policy space in a number of ways: for example, findings from a baseline study on Development Minerals in Uganda, for which Olivia was a key researcher and secondary author, were used to inform Ugandan mining policy. Olivia is an excellent communicator, able to engage with a variety of sector stakeholders, from government authorities to upstream and downstream supply chain actors, including artisanal miners, NGOs and other grassroots civil society organisations. With a particular passion for enabling the advancement of gender equality in the sector, Olivia is also Levin Sources’ Gender Champion, having coordinated the company’s efforts to become signatories to the WRM-OECD Gender Statement in 2020. Finally, Olivia is a natural driver of change and learning. She has driven momentum for and coordinated a number of internal company processes, including training on the usage of mobile data collection in the field, improvements to the company’s project security procedure, and her current role in developing the skills needed for ‘virtual’ delivery of services in the midst of the global health crisis.

Resource Library Contributions

Madini Project: Advocating for an improved enabling environment for the production, trade and export of OECD Due Diligence Guidance (DDG)-conformant minerals from eastern DRC

Author: Adam Rolfe, Olivia Lyster
Publisher: IPIS
Publication Year: 1969

As part of the Madini project, a review of the current situation, trends and barriers in the production, trade and export of tin, tantalum, tungsten (3T) and gold from eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) was conducted by Levin Sources, with the aim to recommend concrete actions that can improve OECD-conformant sourci...