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A seasoned professional with more than 45 years of experience in the mining sector; I have experience spanning multiple mining methods and metals, and in multiple facets of mining; such as technical, managerial, legal, mining education, and consulting. My expertise, gained in the mines and metals sector of Zimbabwe, will allow me to work anywhere else in the world; where experience in managing under difficult circumstances, will be helpful. I have recently graduated with a PhD, based on research in artisanal gold mining within East Africa.

Resource Library Contributions

Mining God’s way: towards mineral resource justice with artisanal gold miners in East Africa.

Author: Dr. Terry Garde
Publisher: Middlesex University
Publication Year: 1969

The daily livelihood practices of artisanal gold miners have social, economic, environmental, and governance impacts. Three situations were observed in East Africa, where interventions towards improving livelihoods or mitigating these impacts, have resulted in impasses. These impasses are engaged through practical theology ...