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A study on ASM Gold Value Chain in KBK Districts, Odisha, India

Suvarnapur means the place of Gold. It is a district under undivided KBK region and before its division it was part of the Bolangir District of Odisha. The artisanal gold in Suvarnapur district under KBK region is informally or illegally mined. There are about 3500 miners about 75 percent females and 5 % children and 20 percent males are involved in different aspects of mining, and primary processing in the mining site. Gold extraction from river bed is done by artisanal workers who are locally called Sunakama means gold extractors who extract gold with manual exploitation methods. For collection of value chain and supply chain data, interviews with miners during baseline survey, interview with key informants and focus group discussions were conducted by engaging various stakeholders from Artisanal and Small-scale Mining (ASM) communities, as well as consultative meetings were held with traders, private and public-sector stakeholders. The focus minerals for value chain analysis included gold extraction in Subarnpur

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September 23, 2022