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Analysis of the interactive map of artisanal mining areas in eastern DR Congo – 2015 update

The Belgian research group IPIS has collected data on 2026 artisanal mining sites in eastern DRC over the last couple of years. IPIS observed an armed presence in more than half of the mines. In an interactive map, updated in 2015, IPIS provides information about the on-site presence of armed groups and the Congolese army (FARDC) as well as indicators of the relative importance of the site. It also shows whether mining sites have been ‘validated’ (licensed to operate) by the Congolese government or if they are covered by supply chain control mechanisms. The accompanying report “Analysis of the interactive map of artisanal mining areas in eastern DR Congo” provides an analysis of the collected data and guidance on how to use the interactive map.

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Y Weyns, L Hoex, K Matthysen
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Research Methodology
Primary - OBSERVATION, Primary - SURVEY
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Political, Certification, Conflict, Due Diligence, Traceability, and Transparency, Formalization, Governance, Supply Chains, Economic, Access to Markets, Export, Income, Market Linkages, Social, Child Labor, Community, Employment, Gender, Health and Safety, Human Rights, Labor and Working Conditions, Livelihoods, Sexual and Gender-Based Violence, Armed Conflict/Criminality
Cobalt, Diamond, Gold, Tantalum, Tin, Tungsten
Sub-Saharan Africa
Democratic Republic of Congo
Last Updated
November 2, 2020