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Guidelines for the development of small and medium-scale mining: Selected papers presented at the UN Interregional seminar held in Harare, Zimbabwe, 15-19 February 1993

This article summarizes the proceedings of a United Nations organized international Seminar on Guidelines for Development of Small‐ and Medium‐scale Mining, held in Harare, Zimbabwe, in February 1993. The meeting assessed progress in promoting and developing small‐ and medium‐scale mining operations worldwide since the last United Nations conference on small‐scale mining (Ankara, 1988). The meeting produced a set of guidelines for developing countries intended to provide a framework for encouraging development of small‐ and medium‐scale mining as a sanctioned sustainable activity with recognizable contributions to economic and social goals.

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United Nations Dept. for Economic and Social Development, Zimbabwe, Small Mining International
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October 2, 2019