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Mapping artisanal and small-scale mining in northwest Tanzania: A survey on its nature, scope and impact

IPIS initiated a mobile data collection campaign in northwest Tanzania. 450 small-scale mining and processing sites were surveyed on the nature and scope of operations, working conditions, distribution of wealth, and health, safety and environmental impact. The bulk of these sites mine or process gold. Other important minerals in this area of Tanzania are diamonds, limestone and salt.

The report provides a balanced mapping of worst and best case practices in artisanal mining in Tanzania. It addresses challenges of licensing ASM, its problematic safety record, gender and health issues and the alarming use of mercury in gold processing. The report also reveals the important – and often overshadowed – contributions of ASM. This includes considerable employment with decent income, wealth spill-overs to local communities and sizeable corporate social responsibility contributions.

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H Merket, E Mawala
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Global Report
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Research Methodology
Primary - INTERVIEW, Primary - SURVEY
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Political, Certification, Conflict, Due Diligence, Traceability, and Transparency, Formalization, Governance, Large-scale Mining, Supply Chains, Social, Child Labor, Community, Employment, Gender, Health and Safety, Human Rights, Labor and Working Conditions, Livelihoods, Modern Slavery, Sexual and Gender-Based Violence, Armed Conflict/Criminality, Technological, Education and Training, Equipment, Extraction, Legal, Laws and Regulations, Licensing, Mineral Rights, Environmental, Mercury, Pollution
Diamond, Gold, Limestone, Salt
Sub-Saharan Africa
Last Updated
April 20, 2020